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Embark on a literary journey through the ages with "Erotica Universalis" – a tantalizing exploration of the not-so-PG side of art and literature. It's like a historical romp through the bedrooms of history's most iconic artists and writers, where even Adam and Eve would probably blush.

From ancient Egyptian escapades to more recent rendezvous with names like Rembrandt, Courbet, Degas, and Picasso – it's a wild ride through the annals of human creativity, where fantasies, obsessions, and a dash of libido are the order of the day. You thought your art history class was scandalous? Think again.

In this hardcover edition that's more exclusive than a VIP pass to the Louvre, we've unearthed the steamy secrets lurking in the depths of national and private libraries. Brace yourself as we reveal that Ovid, Aretino, Voltaire, Verlaine, Maupassant, and many more literary luminaries didn't just pen polite sonnets – they dabbled in the delightfully indecent.

But wait, there's more! Artists like Boucher, Fragonard, Dalí, and Matisse weren't content with just a canvas; they leapt into the realm of illustrating naughty books, bringing these tales to life in strokes of artistic passion.

This edition, a revival of the 1995 bestseller, condenses the juiciest bits from our Erotica Universalis collection into 576 pages of pure, unadulterated literary and artistic hedonism. Get ready to laugh, gasp, and maybe even clutch your pearls – after all, who said art history couldn't be a little cheeky?

Hardcover, measuring a discreet 5.9 x 1.7 x 7.9 inches – because some pleasures are best enjoyed in the perfect size. Dive in, but maybe keep it on the coffee table for some erudite conversations.