Everly Moonstone Ring

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This delicately crafted piece isn't just a best-seller; it's a testament to the allure of timeless design and the magical essence of rainbow moonstone.

Capturing the ethereal beauty of the moonstone, each AAA grade pear-cut gem (7mm x 10mm) reveals flashes of mesmerizing blue and purple hues. The pearly, glowy essence of the rainbow moonstone transforms this ring into a truly enchanting and magical adornment.

Choose your preferred band color, whether it's the warm embrace of 14k yellow or rose gold, or the classic sophistication of solid sterling silver. The setting of each ring is meticulously crafted, with a base metal of sterling silver plated with a generous layer of genuine gold or rhodium, ensuring these rings are not just accessories but lasting expressions of elegance.

Indulge in the Everly Moonstone Ring and let its magical charm become an integral part of your personal style—a reminder of the timeless beauty found in the delicate dance of design and nature's wonders.