Fae Thorn Ring

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Only 2 left

Only 2 left

Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of nature with the Fae Thorn Ring by memento mori. Crafted with a wee bit of magic and inspired by the whimsical days of childhood spent in the woods, where every tree whispered secrets and woodland spirits danced in the dappled sunlight.

This delicate ring is a connection to the mystical energy that surrounds us. The intricate design features a vine adorned with thorns, delicately intertwined with black cubic zirconia stones, creating a spellbinding piece that captures the essence of the enchanted forest.

Crafted from brass and plated in resplendent gold tone, the Fae Thorn Ring is a symbol of the delicate balance between strength and beauty, drawing inspiration from the mystical world and the resilience found in nature. It's a reminder that, like the thorns that protect the vine, there is strength in vulnerability and beauty in resilience.

Let this ethereal piece be a talisman on your journey, connecting you to the magic that resides within and around you. Wear it as a token of the enchantment that awaits when you open your heart to the mysteries of the woodland, where every thorn tells a story, and every stone holds a secret.