Assorted Floral Sage Bundles

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Experience the natural beauty and soothing aroma of our Assorted Floral Sage Bundles.

Each bundle is carefully handcrafted, combining vibrant flowers with fragrant sage for a truly enchanting blend. Perfect for cleansing your space or simply adding tranquility to any room. Treat yourself to this delightful botanical indulgence today!

Smudging is an ancient practice that transcends time, cultures, and beliefs. It involves the ritual burning of sage to cleanse negative energy, purify spaces, and invite positive intentions. It's a tradition that has found resonance in today's world as a way to clear the mind, uplift the spirit, and reconnect with our inner selves. It's a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary.

Whether you're smudging your living space, your meditation area, or your personal sanctuary, these bundles turn any environment into a sacred one. The scent of burning sage and flowers dances through the air, infusing your surroundings with a sense of calm and purity.

Store product in dry, room temperature area.


  • White Sage with Sinuata Flowers
  • Measures 3-4" 
  • Sold individually