Forbidden Erotica Book

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Mark Rotenberg took a fancy to collecting vintage erotic photographs when, in the late 1970s, he stumbled across a discarded pile of risque and pornographic photos in Brooklyn, New York. He undertook a mission to find lost and forgotten erotic photographs and has gone to great lengths to do so. His collection, one of the largest of its kind, currently tops out at about 95,000 photos covering the period from 1860 to 1960.

Taschen's second book drawing from Rotenberg's collection features wild, hardcore photographs that would make your grandmother squirm. How odd it is to see ladies in bloomers and corsets with men sporting handlebar moustaches in the raunchiest of poses! There's no mistaking it - kinky sex is not a recent invention.

4 x 19.5 cm, 1.01 kg, 512 pages