Forbidden Erotica Book

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Age 21 and above, folks!

In a peculiar twist of fate, Mark Rotenberg found himself captivated by the allure of vintage erotic photographs back in the late '70s when a discarded stack of risqué snapshots caught his eye in Brooklyn, New York. What ensued was a relentless quest to unearth lost and overlooked erotic treasures, a mission that has taken him to extraordinary lengths. His collection, a behemoth in its own right, spans a staggering 95,000 photos from the years 1860 to 1960.

Taschen's second delve into Rotenberg's trove exposes a realm of wild, unabashed photographs that would undoubtedly make your grandmother blush. Picture this: ladies adorned in bloomers and corsets, paired with mustachioed gentlemen, engaging in the most scandalous of poses! The conclusion is clear - unconventional romance is far from a modern invention.

Measuring at 4 x 19.5 cm and weighing in at 1.01 kg, this 512-page tome promises an exploration of erotic history that's anything but conventional.