Ganimede John Derian Tray

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A 4.5" x 6.5" slab of sophistication!

Now, the craftsmanship – collaged paper under handblown glass. We're not dealing with your run-of-the-mill trays; we're talking about a visual symphony that elevates your coffee table game. This is not a tray; it's a curated art piece for your home, a glimpse into the whimsical world of John Derian.

But, my fabulous friends, heed the disclaimer – this tray is for decorative purposes only. It's not meant to cradle your sandwiches or hold your afternoon tea. No, no, this tray is here to be admired, to be a focal point in your aesthetic kingdom.

So, if you're ready to elevate your decor to gallery levels, if you want your coffee table to be a conversation starter, then the Ganimede by John Derian Tray is your ticket to sophistication. It's not just a tray; it's a curated rebellion against the ordinary, a decorative diva that says, "I don't just serve; I inspire."