Influences of the Angels Tarot

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An Angelic Harmony Tarot Deck – a divine collaboration of classic-inspired artwork and spiritual insight. 

Unveil the celestial mysteries with 78 intricately designed tarot cards, each carrying the ethereal essence of angelic guidance. The gilt edges give the cards an opulent edge that will, no doubt, spill into your everyday spiritual practice. The accompanying 184-page illustrated guidebook offers in-depth descriptions, symbolism, and profound angelic messages for each card.

In this glorious set, every detail is thoughtfully considered. Two reference cards provide quick insights, ensuring your journey into the mystical is seamless and enlightening. The entire collection is presented in a deluxe box adorned with gold foil accents.

Whether you're a seasoned tarot enthusiast or a curious seeker of spiritual wisdom, the Angelic Harmony Tarot Deck beckons you to explore the sacred space between the celestial and the earthly.