It's Lazy Time Gift Box

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It's important to take a minute to kick back, light up, and just let yourself be. So, screw the idea of being lazy—let's call it what it really is: treating yourself like the absolute VIP that you are.

When approached thoughtfully, recreational cannabis can be a powerful tool for relaxation, creativity, and a heightened sense of presence. It's about finding a balance that aligns with your individual values, preferences, and wellness goals.

Let's cultivate a space where open dialogue and mindful exploration can coexist. Because, just like any other element of well-being, the recreational use l'herbe is a unique journey that deserves consideration, respect, and a bit of curiosity.

Gift box includes:

4 oz Palo Santo Room Spray Fragrance Notes: Palo Santo (duh), Incense, Birch Wood, Ylang, Fir Needle, and Oakmoss. 

Vice Weed Canister

Mismatch Earrings

Lazy Time Woman's Socks

Cannabis Enamel Pin

All comes in our signature wood box tied with a satin box ready for gifting.

This box measures 13" x 10" x 3-1/2".