Fringe Round Plate by John Derian

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Measuring at a poised 5 3/4 inches in diameter, this round plate was crafted using reproduced imagery culled from John Derian's vast collection of antique and vintage prints. It breathes life into historical art, marrying the old with the new in a harmonious dance.

The process itself is an intricate ballet performed by trained artisans who delicately cut and collage the designs onto handblown glass. This is not mere craftsmanship; it is an homage to tradition, a celebration of artistry that elevates every dining experience into an aesthetic endeavor.

Let's delve into the specifics – collaged paper under handblown glass. This is not just a plate; it's a visual journey, a tactile exploration of texture and form. As with all things of beauty, it demands care – a wipe clean is all it asks, for it is not to be immersed in water. This plate, a testament to the intersection of art and utility, is designed for decorative purposes only.

A crucial note to our patrons: the Fringe Round Plate is not food safe. Let it grace your spaces as a curated marvel, an ode to artistry and sophistication. Handmade to order in our New York City studio, it is a bespoke addition to your curated lifestyle, a testament to the art of living well.