La Pie IBride Tray

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This gorgeously gothic Ibride's La Pie Mural Tray was crafted in France and boasts dimensions of L 45cm x W 34cm, providing ample surface area for both utility and visual impact.

Made from printed high-pressure laminate, the La Pie Mural Tray's design is part of Ibride's Galerie de Portraits collection, curated by the talented artist Rachel Convers. Inspired by the elegant and refined characters of the court of the Chateau de Versailles, 'La Pie' is a nod to the regal allure of French history.

Supplied with a wall mounting hook, this tray is ready to grace your walls with its unique charm. Whether you choose to display it as a standalone piece or utilize it for serving, its versatility adds a healthy dose of practical personality to any room. The marriage of functionality and artistry is a hallmark of Ibride's creations, and the La Pie Mural Tray is no exception.