Lovely Weirdo Birthday Wood Folding Card

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Get ready for some birthday card magic – these wooden gems are legit works of art. Each one is a unique creation, with the wood grain doing its own thing and giving it that rustic charm that's anything but ordinary. Measuring a sweet 5" x 4.5" – it's the perfect canvas for your personal messages.

Grab them individually – these sustainably harvested cherry wood cards are our way of saying, "Let's be eco-conscious and still have some fun!" Crafted from cherry wood, which is all about being renewable and earth-friendly, these cards strike that perfect balance between looking good and doing good.

And guess what? We've got the practical stuff sorted too. Your card comes with its own envelope, making sure your heartfelt words are not just on point but also protected. Plus, we're keeping it green with an eco-friendly clear sleeve because we know how to make a statement without leaving a big ol' ecological footprint.