Lucky Cat Game

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Hey there cool cats! Are you ready to unleash your inner Lucky Cat master? Leap into the vibrant world of feline fun with Ridley's Games' colorful card game!

Wrap your paws around the 65 game cards, including a quirky assortment of 7 differently hued numbered cats. Your winning strategies? Either gather 7 cats with matching numbers in various colors or snag cats numbered 1-7 in the same hue. The game comes packed with easy-to-follow instructions and 4 handy reference cards, all snugly housed in a novelty Lucky Cat-shaped case that's as quirky as the game itself.

Gather your crew—this game's perfect for 2-4 players, ages 7 and up, with an average gameplay time of around 20 minutes. And when you secure that purr-fect victory, don't forget to flaunt your Lucky Cat conquest. It's the cat's pajamas.