Make Time Hydration Bottle

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Check out this Hydration Bottle that's not just a vessel for your drinks but a masterpiece by Morgan Harper Nichols!

The Make Time Hydration Bottle features a double-walled glass, some rad decal art, a touch of matte gold, and a bamboo screw top lid that ties the whole aesthetic together. And bonus – it comes in a decorative cylinder gift box, making it the ultimate combo of style and function.

Now, let's talk specs. This bad boy holds a generous 12 fl oz of your favorite beverage, and at 10.25" h x 2.75" d, it's the Goldilocks of hydration – just right. The collaboration with Morgan Harper Nichols brings exclusive artwork that's basically a portable art gallery.

It's not just a pretty face; this bottle is your beverage's bodyguard. The double-walled glass keeps things warm for a cozy 2.5 - 3 hours and chilly for a refreshing 2 - 2.5 hours. Oh, and did I mention the inspirational message on the bottle? "Make time for what helps you slow down and breathe" – wisdom by MHN.

Now, let's talk rules. It's a hand wash-only affair – no soaking, no dishwashers, no microwaves, and definitely no freezers. The max temperature it can handle is a toasty 212°F / 100°C, and the minimum is a cool 32°F / 0°C. Plus, if the glass ever looks cracked or damaged, it's time to part ways.

Stay hydrated with style and substance – this bottle's got your back.