Mary Jane Pillow

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We've got the Mary Jane Hook Pillow, and honey, it's not your grandma's needlepoint. We're talking about a seriously dope, green leaf on a burnt orange background.

First things first, the front is 100% wool. Yes, you read that right, W-O-O-L. So you can rest easy knowing that your botanically rebellious decor is warm and breathable.

Flip that bad boy over, and what do you get? A 100% velvet backing. Perfect for mindless stroking and eternal contemplation.

Now, hold on to your high hats because we're not just stopping at looks. This pillow is the full package – it comes with a polyester insert, making it fluffier than the tall tales that Greg (that infernal and perpetual bogart who always manages to get to the joint before you do) is about to unleash.

And measuring 16x16, it’s perfect for throwing directly at Greg’s face; effectively stopping the endless stream of drivel coming from his mouth. Revel in the silence and the re-acquisition of what is rightfully yours.

It's the Mary Jane Hook Pillow – where high fashion meets high times.