Micheal Wainwright Face Bowl

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These are the pieces that got Michael Wainwright into Henri Bendel many moons ago when he was first starting out.

Indulge in the luxurious details:

White Glaze: The pristine white glaze serves as a canvas for the intricate facial details, creating a serene and timeless aesthetic.

24K Gold Trim: A touch of warmth is added with the 24K gold trim, elevating the bowl to a level of sophistication.

Available in three sizes:

Mini (4" diameter x 3.5" height): A petite masterpiece that makes a subtle yet impactful statement.
Small (6.5" diameter x 3.75" height): Perfectly proportioned for those seeking a balance of grace and presence.
Large (9" diameter x 6" height): A grand centerpiece that commands attention and admiration.

Handcrafted by the talented Michael Wainwright in the picturesque Berkshires of Massachusetts, his bowl effortlessly combines form and function, beauty and practicality. Whether displayed as a standalone art piece or used to enhance your culinary presentations, the Face Bowl is a versatile addition to your carefully curated collection.