Moonstone Half Moon Ring

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Look at this gem! It's dainty! It's a statement! It doesn't demand attention because it knows it deserves the world and that it will be showered in affection regardless.

At the heart of this lunar charmer is a high-quality AAA Rainbow 12mm x 10mm Moonstone that's not just glowing; it's practically throwing a moonlit party on your finger. Encased in a sterling silver bezel and framed by a beaded arc, this ring is the VIP section of celestial accessories.

But that's not all – the 1.5mm adjustable band is the unsung hero of comfort. It's like the yoga pants of the jewelry world, adjusting to your finger's every move without breaking a sweat. And guess what? It's 14K Gold Filled, because we believe in giving your fingers the royal treatment.

So, whether you're conquering the world or just casually sipping your morning coffee, the Moonstone Half Moon Ring is your cosmic companion.