Muse Eyes Cookie Jar

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An absolute vision, Johnathon Adler's Muse Eyes Cookie Jar is a natural eye-catcher. Topped with a removable lid and crafted from classic matte porcelain, it's a real looker on any counter or tabletop.

The 5" W, 5" D, 10" H dimensions make it a substantial piece that demands the spotlight on any counter or tabletop. The glazed interior ensures a seamless transition between form and function, while the unglazed porcelain exterior adds a tactile element with its matte finish, accentuating the jar's distinct shapes.

Practicality meets artistry with the removable lid, allowing easy access to your delectable treats while maintaining the jar's aesthetic integrity. Imported for your indulgence, this cookie jar invites you to elevate your kitchen decor with a touch of Adler's design magic.

To preserve its allure, spot clean with mild soap and water, using soft, non-abrasive cloths to maintain the unglazed ceramic surface. For those moments of wear on the unglazed porcelain, a Magic Eraser is your secret weapon for restoration.

And fear not the aftermath of indulgence – this masterpiece is dishwasher safe, with the top rack recommended for convenience and care. Envelop your kitchen in the curated charm of Johnathan Adler's Muse Eyes Cookie Jar, where practicality meets unparalleled design.