Nude Dolls

$ 6.00
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Introducing the raunchy revelers – the sauciest addition to your holiday decor that'll have your tree blushing and your guests giggling like they've spiked eggnog. These handmade naughty Nude Doll Ornaments are here to prove that holiday cheer can come in all shapes and sizes – especially when those shapes are cheeked up and stand a nippy 3 inches tall.

These pint-sized mischief-makers are not just hanging around; they're flaunting their holiday spirit and a little more, making your tree the talk of the Tinseltown. Man or Woman, it doesn't matter – these dolls are all about liberating the ornaments and bringing a whole new meaning to "dressing up" for the holidays.

Hang them on your tree, and watch as your guests do a double-take. #freethenipple

Sold separately, because these dolls prefer to shine solo.