Protection Room Spray

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Cleanse your home or workspace of unwanted dark energy. The aura of this spray transcends the ordinary, creating an ambiance that resonates with tranquility and protection.

Immerse yourself in the sublime fragrance that defines this ritual fragrance:

- Benzoin Resin: A rich, resinous note that anchors the ritual, instilling a sense of grounding and stability.

- Osmanthus: A delicate floral essence, bringing elegance and purity to the ritual.

- Ylang-Ylang: A heady and exotic scent with a bit of spiciness, Ylang-Ylang contributes to the harmonious blend, enhancing the overall olfactory experience.

- Red Sandalwood Musk: A woody and musky undertone that lingers, enveloping your space with a soothing and protective energy.

4oz Spray Glass Bottle

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