Pushing Up Daisies Coffin Bath Bomb

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Behold the Pushing Up Daisies Coffin Bath Bomb – a classic delight for your darkest soaking desires.

This coffin-shaped creation carries the essence of a peek-a-boo moon, whispering tales of green apple mischief, jasmine secrets, and the sweet decay of daisy and rose. Tumble into the abyss with a tumbled smoky quartz and a dried blossom bouquet.

Crafted by the artisans at Crescent City Swoon, these bath bombs are not for the faint-hearted. Infused with the best selling fragrances that'll make your bath feel like a steaming séance, each one is concocted with limited and organic ingredients, ensuring that your ritual of relaxation is as macabre as can be.

This coffin bath bomb handmade with intention and care, as if each one holds a little piece of your soul – or what's left of it. Made right here in the United States, this masterpiece measures a spooky 6″ x 4″ x 2″, weighing in at a bone-chilling 6.8 oz.

So, if you dare to dip into the darkness, if you long for a bath that's more graveyard than garden, the Pushing Up Daisies Coffin Bath Bomb is your ticket to a deathly decedent bath time.