Safe Journey Bracelet

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Embark on your adventures enveloped in the mystical energies of Cast of Stone's Safe Journey Bracelet—an ancient-inspired talisman meticulously crafted with Garnet, Moonstone, and Smoky Quartz.

Each of these precious stones was carefully chosen for its revered qualities, believed to foster a protective aura around you as you wander the paths of life.

Garnet, a symbol of passion and vitality, joins forces with Moonstone, the ethereal guide of intuition, and Smoky Quartz, the grounding force against negativity. This trio of center stones* is delicately arranged in an adjustable 9" bracelet, featuring a slide clasp for a seamless fit on your voyage.

*All stones vary in size and shape. Embrace the artistry of the unpredictable shapes and sizes of these stones, as they mirror the diverse landscapes of your journey.