Happy Birthday Black and Gold Foil Card

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Celebrate the art of giving with our Happy Birthday Black and Gold Foil Card – an original Spitfire Girl design that transforms a simple greeting into a timeless expression of style and sentiment. Imprinted in classic gold foil against a sleek black background, this card transcends the ordinary, becoming more than just a gesture; it's a small piece of art designed to convey your warmest wishes.

The originality of the Spitfire Girl design shines through; the gold foil detailing adds a timeless elegance, turning the card into a visual delight that captures the essence of celebration.

Measuring 5" x 6" when closed, this card is more than a standard greeting – it's a canvas for your heartfelt message, an opportunity to add a personal touch to your birthday wishes. The inclusion of an envelope ensures that your message travels securely, requiring nothing more than standard postage for your convenience.

Whether accompanying a gift, standing alone as a thoughtful note, or framed as a small piece of art, this Happy Birthday Black and Gold Foil Card becomes a versatile expression of your sentiments. The choice of black and gold adds a touch of opulence, making it suitable for various occasions beyond birthdays.

- Requires standard postage

- Includes Envelope for mailing

- Measures 5" x 6" when closed