Handmade Tarot Trinket Dishes

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Perfect for storing all your pesky spare change. Or holding rose petals or some pink quartz on your altar when you’re looking to add a little romance to your day.

The Lovers card may seem obvious in its meaning: Love! However, its symbolism runs deeper than just romance. It represents relationships, choices, balance, and unity. Harmonious partnerships allow us the opportunity for personal growth.  Where is cooperation or harmonious choice most needed in your life? 

The Empress is the Earth Mother, the goddess within us all! Reach for her when you want to be a doorway through which creativity may become manifest.  She’s your girl when you need to feel nurtured and protected.  She understands and is empathetic.  

The Star sees the big picture and from this vantage point she assures us, “All is well”. The star brings hope and fulfills wishes.

The Sun dish is perfect for doing ritual work or holding sacred objects on your altar. Use it to hold objects that represent energy, optimism, and power to you. This could include a peridot stone, chamomile or rosemary herbs, or simply an image or doodle of something you are looking to achieve.

The Hermit withdraws to study, to understand, and then reemerges to shine his knowledge on those who seek it. When the student is ready the teacher appears. His journey is long, but, he is persistent and is elevated by the completion of the task.

4 x 4 x 3.5”

  • 12-14 oz.

The pots are thrown by hand on the wheel. The bases are trimmed. Each tray is handmade, so slight differences will occur. 

Once the pots are bone dry are fired in the kiln to 1000 degrees (the bisque fire) which dries and strengthens them sufficiently for glazing. They are dip glazed before I fire them again to 2233 degrees.