Crystal Candle w/ White + Rose Quartz

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At the heart of this candle is the beautiful rose quartz crystal – the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. With its delicate pink hues, rose quartz nurtures the heart and promotes love, harmony, and compassion. When combined with the comforting flicker of a candle, you're creating an atmosphere of love and serenity. 

The fragrance is an exquisite blend that elevates the spirit. It starts with the invigorating zing of mandarin zest, followed by the sweet and inviting notes of Italian bergamot. As the aroma unfolds, the Madagascar vanilla lends an opulent warmth, the rose blossom brings a gentle floral embrace, the earthy patchouli grounds you, and subtle amber adds a soothing depth. This is a fragrance that fills your space with pure bliss and serenity.

Light this candle with the intention of inviting love and serenity into your life. It's an opportunity to connect with your heart's desires and establish a harmonious atmosphere that radiates love in all its forms.

Make this candle a part of your daily ritual to manifest love, peace, and tranquility. Let it be a source of solace, a reminder to nurture your heart, and a symbol of the pure love that you deserve.