Crystal Connection Gift Box

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The Crystal Connection Gift Box is an invitation to connect with the energies of the universe, to rediscover your inner harmony, and to embrace the beauty of self-discovery.

The Crystal Mini Book is your guide to the fascinating world of crystals. It unfolds the secrets of each crystal's unique energy and significance, empowering you to choose the perfect one to accompany you on your journey.

Delicate and meaningful, the Chakra Bracelet features gemstones that correspond to the seven chakras. Wear it as a reminder to keep your energies balanced and aligned.

An absolute essential in any crystal lover's collection, Quartz Crystal is revered for its clarity and amplifying abilities. It is a potent aid for enhancing your intentions and connection to higher realms.

A symbol of freedom and spiritual ascension, a Feather is a gentle reminder of your innate ability to soar to new heights. 

Nature's own art, these Dried Flowers represent the ever-changing cycles of life, growth, and transformation. A reminder to embrace the beauty of every moment.

And, finally, we put everything in a wood box is as beautiful as it is practical.

As you explore the meaning behind each element, you'll uncover new facets of yourself, create sacred rituals, and walk your path with intention and grace.

All comes in our signature wood box tied with a satin box ready for gifting.


  • Includes a Crystal Mini Book, a Chakra Bracelet, a Quartz Crystal, a Feather, and some Dried Flowers
  • Box measures 6.5" x 4.5 x 3"