Georgia and Muse Cookie Jars

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 Oh, hey, cookie lovers! Feast your eyes on the Georgia Cookie Jar – not just a jar, it's a frickin' countertop statement. A tribute to the OG muse herself, Georgia O'Keeffe – the woman, the artist, the one who inspired more than just a jar.

Jonathan, our pottery wizard, gets down and dirty with the clay, molding and shaping the Muse pottery line. But this ain't your grandma's pottery – oh no! He throws in a little titty-twist by swapping out those geometric patterns for some real body parts action – think faces, breasts, lips. Yep, we're talking about a jar that's part pottery, part surreal, all wrapped up in a style that'll make your countertop do a happy dance.

Why Georgia O'Keeffe, you ask? Well, she wasn't just Alfred Stieglitz's muse; she was the powerhouse behind the paintbrush, creating art that spoke to the soul. And Jonathan Adler's jar? It's a nod to that spirit, that boldness, that unapologetic style.

Let's get into the deets – 6.5" W, 10" H, high-fired unglazed porcelain exterior that's tough as nails, and a glazed interior that's as smooth as your grandma's secret cookie recipe. And guess what? The lid's removable, because who needs barriers when you're diving into a cookie jar? 

So, there you have it – the Georgia Cookie Jar. It's not just a jar; it's a vibe, a tribute, and a whole lotta sass for your countertop.  

  • 6.5" W, 10" H
  • High-fired unglazed porcelain exterior, glazed interior
  • Removable lid