Introduction to Tarot Gift Box

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 Unveil the secrets of the universe as you delve into the enigmatic world of tarot with Spitfire Girl’s Introduction To Tarot Gift Box. Each set includes:

A Classic Tarot Rider Deck that allows you to embark on a transformative journey with the Classic Tarot Rider Deck – a timeless and beautifully illustrated collection of cards that serves as your cosmic compass. Delve into rich symbolism and ancient wisdom with each shuffle, inviting guidance and self-discovery into your daily ritual.

An Energy Clearing Candle that will ignite a wave of newfound positive energy – aromatherapeutic bliss with a wick. Designed to purify your surroundings and uplift your soul. Infused with sacred scents and crafted from ethically sourced ingredients, this hand-poured soy candle transforms any space into a haven of positivity and clarity.

Experience the power of intention with our Energy Clearing Kit, which includes a White Sage Smudge Stick, a sacred tool renowned for its ability to purify and cleanse. Spread the smoke with the gentle waft of the included feather. Further complementing the White Sage, embrace the sacred energy of Palo Santo Sacred Wood sticks, each carrying the wisdom of ancient rituals. The inclusion of dried Rose Flowers influences your surroundings with the gentle essence of love and positivity. Roses, symbolizing purity and beauty, further enhance the transformative journey that this kit invites you to embark upon. To amplify the energy-clearing experience, a Quartz Crystal is thoughtfully included.

Channel the energy of clarity and amplify your intentions with our Clear Quartz Crystal – a radiant gem that serves as a beacon of positive energy. Carefully chosen for its purity, this crystal is a versatile companion for meditation, intention setting, and energy purification.

Bring the fleeting beauty of nature indoors with our curated selection of Dried Flowers. Each delicate petal and stem tells a story of the changing seasons, offering rustic elegance to your space.

All come in our signature wood box tied with a satin box ready for gifting.

This box measures 10" x 8" x 3-1/2".