Goddess Moon Tarot Charm Necklace

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The Goddess Moon Tarot Charm Necklace, a celestial masterpiece by Benny Loves Stella. Crafted with meticulous precision, this enchanting piece blends the mystique of the moon with the symbolism of tarot.

Immerse yourself in the divine energy of this necklace, meticulously fashioned from 18K gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver. Each element intricately woven into the design reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and a reverence for spiritual symbolism.

As you fasten the delicate clasp, you're not just adorning yourself with a necklace; you're embracing a wearable talisman that harmonizes with the ebb and flow of the cosmic energies. The Goddess Moon Tarot Charm Necklace is a conduit to the unseen, a reminder of the interconnectedness between the earthly and the celestial.

Benny Loves Stella goes beyond conventional jewelry; it's a brand that understands the transformative power of accessories. With this necklace, you carry not only an exquisite piece but a subtle reminder of the spiritual journey and the wisdom encapsulated in the art of tarot.

The adjustable chain 16" - 18"