Heart & Dagger Necklace

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Gold, gems, and a touch of rebellion – that's what the Heart & Dagger Necklace is all about. Crafted from the finest materials, this necklace isn't just an accessory; it's a statement, an ode to the bold and the unapologetic.

18k gold plated onto 925 sterling silver creates a piece that exudes opulence while maintaining an edge of authenticity. The clear and garnet stones, strategically placed, add a touch of drama to the narrative.

But what truly sets this necklace apart is its adjustable chain, allowing you to find the perfect fit between 18" and 20". It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a customizable experience, adapting to your style and mood effortlessly.

The charm, a dagger with heart-shaped hilt, measures a striking 38mm in length. It's not just a pendant; it's a symbol, a fusion of strength and vulnerability captured in a single piece. The dagger, a nod to rebellion and resilience, meets the heart – a universal emblem of love and emotion.

As you fasten the adjustable chain, feel the weight of the pendant against your skin – a reminder that this isn't just a necklace; it's an extension of your attitude. Wear it on days when you're feeling bold and unstoppable, or let it be the unexpected twist to your everyday ensemble.

The Heart & Dagger Necklace transcends the ordinary, inviting you to embrace the duality within. It's a celebration of contrasts – the warmth of gold against the edge of a dagger, the clarity of clear stones against the richness of garnet. This necklace isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a narrative waiting to be written by you.