Moon Phase Dish

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Behold, mortals! We present to you the Moon Phase Dish – not just a dish, my friends, but a canvas of black clay magic adorned with a mesmerizing palm design. It's like the heavens conspired with your kitchen to create a work of art so divine it could make even the most seasoned microwave dinner look Instagram-worthy.

Crafted from black clay because regular clay just couldn't handle the cosmic pressure, this dish is more than a vessel for your snacks – it's a portal to another dimension. And because we're not here to half-ass anything, we've slapped on an elegant white glaze, because sophistication is our middle name.

With dimensions that are as compact as our ability to avoid awkward small talk, the Moon Phase Dish measures a perfect 5" x 3". It's like a bite-sized piece of the night sky that you can hold in your hands – perfect for adding a dash of enchantment to your everyday life, or at least your kitchen counter.

So, whether you're serving up some intergalactic appetizers or just showcasing your cosmic-cool aesthetic, the Moon Phase Dish is your go-to choice.