Patti Smith: A Book of Days

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Embark on a poetic journey through the days with the New York Times Bestseller – "A Book of Days" by the extraordinary Patti Smith. 🌟📆

This deeply moving visual chronicle by the National Book Award-winning author of "Just Kids" and "M Train" reveals over 365 images and reflections that illuminate Smith's uniquely enchanting aesthetic. Inspired by her wildly popular Instagram, each page is a miniature window into her world, capturing the whimsy and wonder of her daily life.

In 2018, Patti Smith ventured into the realm of Instagram without a grand plan, sharing glimpses of her existence, from cherished Land Camera 250 captures to intimate phone snapshots.

"Hello Everybody!" she declared with her first post, unveiling a miniature window into the kaleidoscope of Smith's daily existence – her coffee rituals, the books that captivate her, and even glimpses of cherished heroes' graves. Vintage photographs, tokens of love, and glimpses into life on and off the road blend seamlessly into a tale that spans a year. Smith's intimate daily notations accompany these captivating visuals, offering dispatches from her travels worldwide.

With more than 365 photographs, "A Book of Days" is a unique invitation to experience the expansive mind of this visionary poet, writer, and performer. Hopeful, elegiac, and playful, this hardcover piece of art measures 5.48 x 1.49 x 7.34 inches, creating a timeless offering for deeply uncertain times.

400 pages.

5.48 x 1.49 x 7.34 inches.