Paul Gauguin's Intimate Art and Journals Book

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Unveiling the musings of a French Post Impressionist pioneer, Paul Gauguin's Intimate Art and Journals takes you on a journey into Gauguin's questionable life choices.

In these candid reflections, Gauguin transports you to his colonizing quest for a “primitive idyll” in the South Seas, a world far removed from the “hypocrisy of civilization”. He shares his views on fellow Parisian artists, his tumultuous relationship with Van Gogh, and the allure of severely underage Polynesian girls.

Gauguin's son, Émile, paints a poignant portrait in the preface, revealing his father's alleged goodness, humor, insurgent spirit, and unyielding clarity of vision.

This facsimile brings you the first American translation of the journals, a rare limited edition from 1921, adorned with full-page sketches by the artist. Gauguin's reflections not only offer insights into his imperialistic and predatory life on the islands but also provide a unique glimpse into the essence of Gauguin.

Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.2 x 10.1 inches.